The Importance of a New Mattress & Buying Tips

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Buying a new mattress is often considered an unnecessary luxury, particularly during recessionary periods when money is often in short supply. Instead people tend to only buy a new mattress when either their mattress is in extremely poor condition or they’re purchasing a new bed.

However, research suggests that not renewing your mattress, whilst saving money, could be far from the best decision that you make.

Harris Interactive conducted a nationwide survey, with the aim being to calculate and quantify the impact of a new mattress within the quality of sleep obtained. The results were astounding. 76% of respondents who had recently purchased a new mattress said that the top quality of their sleep had been enhanced due to the new mattress. Furthermore, more than half (57% to be exact), also felt an improvement in their overall health as a result.

As Dr. Michael Breus, American’s leading sleep expert, says, “Sleep deprivation is one of the most critical factors affecting the health of Americans today. One of the first questions I ask patients is ‘how old is your mattress?’ because mattresses, as with most things in life, break down after a long time of regular use. Once a mattress reaches a certain age, it can really become a barrier to good sleep and, in turn, overall wellness.”

Bert Jacobson, leading researcher at Oklahoma State University, backs up this claim by saying, “Our work showed that new mattresses have a considerable impact on reduced again pain and improved sleep quality, among other advantages. Based on our research, there’s no question that a new mattress can sustain these rewards for just about anyone, regardless of age, weight or gender.”

But what can Amerisleep offer should you purchase? When it comes to which brand of mattress to select, Sealy mattresses are the worldwide leader alongside Silentnight, with the two known for their investment in research and development. Therefore if you’re looking to get a high quality mattress it is certainly worth strongly considering these two brands.

When it arrives to technology memory foam technology is a recent technological advance. It really is particularly advantageous for those who sleep with partners of different weights, as normal mattresses slant causing discomfort for one of the partners. Memory foam mattresses, within the other hand, moulds itself perfectly around each individual, thereby providing excellent support for each individual.

Therefore don’t delay when it comes to renewing your mattress. Not only could you be missing out on the good night’s sleep but your overall wellbeing and productiveness could also be reduce than it must be. There are also some great mattress brands and individual mattresses out there which could make a big difference.